1.) How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Your orders will be delivered within 3 working days upon your successful Placement of your order.


2.) How will I know if order is placed successfully?

You will receive an email confirmation from Hermitage once your order is successfully placed. This email will have all the details related to your order.


3.) I want to know about one of the products?

Once you reach the desired product page you will see the product information separated under different tabs.


4.) How do I register?

Registration process is very simple and it doesn’t even take 30 seconds. On top right hand corner of the page you will find “register”. Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation mail as well.


5.) What Kind of Fruit and Vegetables?

The recipe is a secret, but all the ingredients used to make this product is certified organic input by NASAA (Australia).


6.) What do you mean that every ingredient is found in a food?

Every ingredient used in the manufacture of BacOff products is found in a list provided by the FDA in the US. This list basically states the ingredients that are found in foods that we eat. In a nutshell, we are using the best parts of food we eat to do our cleaning as well.


7.) Did you know?

Oven cleaners are one of the most toxic products people use. They contain lye and ammonia, which irritate skin, while the fumes linger and affect the respiratory system. Most products also leave behind a residue that can contaminate food.


8.) Did you know?

Common household cleaners have been found to contain VOCs that include toluene, formaldehyde, phenol, benzene, and xylene; all toxic to the immune system, and known cancer-causing substances.


9.) Did you know?

Chemical cleaning products can contain ingredients linked to asthma, cancer, reproductive toxicity, hormone disruption, neurotoxicity and other health issues.


10.) Did you know?

Since 1950, at least 70,000 new chemical compounds have been invented and dispersed into our environment. Only a fraction of these have been tested for human toxicity.