About Us

About Us

About Us:

Our Mission:

We at Hermitage understand the eminent need for consumers and businesses to move toward a sustainable future and are committed to providing high grade biotech products which meet or exceed eco-friendly requirements while maintaining its application effectiveness. We offer you products that make Eco sense at prices that assure your Economic sense.

Our Objectives:

  • To promote a Sustainable Future by offering biotech products that minimize environmental impact, maintain application effectiveness with a minimal cost premium of doing so.
  • To give our clients an Eco-Advantage by providing them with GreenTech that is effective and competitively priced.
  • To provide safe, reliable, and effective green/biotech products for a safer environment and a healthier lifestyle.
  • To deliver products in quality and on time.
  • To continue to educate the market about the impacts on health and the environment of hazardous chemical products.


  • We are all about going green cost effectively.
  • At Hermitage, we understand many people and businesses want to save our planet but are often weary of the higher cost making changes to how we do things. We continue to strive to provide products that work well, impact our environment minimally, and just as importantly, are less hazardous to our bodies.