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Available in 1L and 6L

Benefits of EcoAdvance Super Strength

A "magic" cleaner without the "magic" toxic chemicals. It works! Guaranteed.

If you are using oven cleaners with toxic and corrosive warnings on the label, Stop! Why would you use toxic substances on a surface that you cannot rinse entirely and have to bake food in it after?

The EcoAdvance Super Strength hard surface cleaner is probably one of the few effective cleaners strong enough for ovens, stain removal, and hard surface cleaning without using harsh chemicals or anything toxic. It is non-corrosive so it will not dissolve the surface you are cleaning (or your hand. No gloves necessary)

The Super Strength is an excellent hard surface stain remover and will clean almost all stains yet is as gentle on the hands and requires no mask as there are no toxic fumes. Very mild abrasives are added into the formula to help remove even the most stubborn stain but the magic is in the enzymes! Most other products which claim to be magic contains toxic chemicals with names many people cannot pronounce.

Use the Super Strength to remove tough stains on many hard surfaces like ovens, showers, grout, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, stainless steel sinks, stone, marble and more! It does all this.

without using toxic chemicals or corrosive ones that damage/burn into the very surface you are trying to clean.

Uses and Related Information


Fast and effective stain and tough dirt removal.

What cannot come off immediately should come off after a longer contact time. i.e. heavy baked stains in ovens allow overnight contact time for enzymes to work.

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