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Product Feature:

A natural  cleaner  for your home.

Safe for children and pets & non- toxic Biodegradable

Natural  enzyme  cleaner Eliminates odors from the source No fragrances  or coloring-No harmful  residue  or fumes

Safe for septic tanks and fields/plants Not tested on  animals

EcoAdvance Multi Purpose Enzyme Cleaner is a Canadian made biotechnologically advanced enzyme based cleaner that will clean    organic  dirt  efficiently  with  a  natural deodorizing effect.

The enzymes partially break down dirt molecules into smaller constituents so that it can be cleaned off.

This process also deodorizes by breaking down odor molecules into odorless  constituents.


Contains advanced enzyme cleaner. Plant based cleanser (proprietary blend)

 Size:  500 ml

Usage Guidelines:

Our formulation is plant based and is harmless even if accidentally ingested. EcoAdvance is safe to use throughout your entire home! It will clean out urine, feces, blood, vomit, sweat, dirt, even red wine and more. Use it to  wash pet  water and food dishes, and also litter pens that often have odours.

As an excellent organic dirt cleaner and odour eliminator, you can find hundreds of uses around the house and pets

5 Great Reasons to Choose EcoAdvance

  1)    Cleans better than synthetic chemical products.

  2)    Save money!

  3)    Eliminate stain & odor problems.

  4)    Avoid long term health problems caused by harmful synthetic chemicals.

  5)    Save the earth!

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